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Theunis Fick - Managing Director

Schooled in Stellenbosch Theunis learnt from an early age that life was all about working in a team environment
and this has been his life’s ethos ever since.

Upon matriculating he went on to study computer programming and then commenced his career in sales. During his career he had the fortune to bring start up companies to reach Blue Chip level and was instrumental in the team behind many successful sales and marketing strategies for companies throughout Southern Africa.

After 10 successful years in the security industry
he realised his true passion had always been to work
with people and help them to achieve their potential.

When he founded Centurion Security, aside from bringing
state of the art security to his clients, he also wanted
to create careers for the team. Comments Theunis:
‘In my experience I have found that true glory can be found in making people achieve their best by hard work and passion and giving them a platform and opportunities to realise their potential and dreams.’

Theunis has worked across Southern Africa and on the international market offering various security services
to VIP’s, home owners, small and Blue Chip companies
as well as the hospitality industry.

Each security service offered is tailor made to the individual needs of the client and approached in a holistic way to ensure peace of mind.