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"Centurion Security guided us from the very beginning as to our specific
requirements and the bonus was, Centurion was the only security company willing
to advise us on the same day we called."
Alex Mueller, General Manager, Hout Bay Manor



Our approach to any security project is to formulate the basics of security into the following categories and assess what is appropriate for each clients needs and lifestyle:

• Physical security
• Procedural security
• Technological security
• Holistic analysis

The success of any security system is based upon the correct implementation of the fundamentals of the security triangle.

The value of the security system is in direct relation to the amount of time it takes for anyone to breach the system.

The failure of any of these principles will result in the system being non effective in its implementation.

The increase in crime in South Africa has put a severely understaffed police force, under considerable pressure. The South African justice system is understaffed and South African jails are over populated.
Until a solution is found private security companies such as ours are there to offer a professional security solution tailor made to suit each client’s needs.